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Who is Kim Kardashian marrying next? Who was arrested for DUI? Who is in rehab now? Look no further! Jeremy Bradley has the answers. Constantly watching the entertainment world, JB is always digging up the dirt on today's hottest stars. But what about the ones who've disappeared for a while? Don't worry... JB is tracking those celebs, too. You'd be surprised what he finds out and reports in the daily segment. It's the best (but mostly the worst) of celebrity antics!

Monday, November 19

Hailey Baldwin goes public as Hailey Bieber, Justin refers to her as 'wife'


Bob Barker rushed to hospital... again


Bette Midler ripped for Melania Trump tweet

Tuesday, November 20

Heather Locklear in hospital again, getting psych evaluation


Paris Hilton ends third engagement


Stan Lee's company rips Bill Maher's insensitive comments after comic legend's death

Wednesday, Nov. 14

CNN sues Donald Trump over last week's Jim Acosta drama


Rob Kardashian says he's broke, can't afford expensive child support


Kendall Jenner gets restraining order (again) against alleged stalker


Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie heading to court to settle custody dispute


Barry Manilow sued for unpaid rental bill

Thursday, Nov. 15

CMAs pays tribute to California bar murder victims


Pink's hubby says looters will be shot in Malibu during fire evacuations


The Bachelor mansion wasn't lost in wildfire, other building on property was


Lady Gaga returns to California relief shelter with food for volunteers


Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna civil in child custody arrangement: report

Friday, November 16

Amy Schumer hospitalized, cancels comedy show


Former The Bachelor pleads guilty in car crash that left driver dead


Nelly accused of sexual assault... again


Did Missy Elliott steal music, stiff co-writer?

Weekend of Nov. 17

Kim Kardashian: I educated Kanye West about politics


Sharon Osbourne: Creepy Les Moonves had fish breath

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