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Who is Kim Kardashian marrying next? Who was arrested for DUI? Who is in rehab now? Look no further! Jeremy Bradley has the answers. Constantly watching the entertainment world, JB is always digging up the dirt on today's hottest stars. But what about the ones who've disappeared for a while? Don't worry... JB is tracking those celebs, too. You'd be surprised what he finds out and reports in the daily segment. It's the best (but mostly the worst) of celebrity antics!

Monday, April 5

Celebrity interviews with Jeremy Bradley on SpeakFree Celeb Watch

Tuesday, April 6

Cher says she could've saved George Floyd, social media disagrees


Harvey Weinstein's lawyers appeal (again) to get him released from slammer


Sharon Osbourne says she's getting death threats after The Talk drama

Wednesday, April 7

Cher tries to clarify her George Floyd comments... again


Kim Kardashian is a billionaire: Forbes


Kate Winslet says Hollywood is still too homophobic

Thursday, April 8

How fast was Tiger Woods driving when he flipped his vehicle?


Sheryl Underwood says she hasn't heard from Sharon Osbourne since The Talk drama... but Sharon has receipts!

Friday, April 9

Nike settles lawsuit with shoemaker over Lil Nas X product


Is Caitlyn Jenner going to run for governor of California?


Ben Affleck praises ex, Jennifer Lopez

Weekend of April 10

Prodigal Son star Lou Diamond Phillips chats with Jeremy Bradley on The Scribble podcast - thescribbleshow.com

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