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Who is Kim Kardashian marrying next? Who was arrested for DUI? Who is in rehab now? Look no further! Jeremy Bradley has the answers. Constantly watching the entertainment world, JB is always digging up the dirt on today's hottest stars. But what about the ones who've disappeared for a while? Don't worry... JB is tracking those celebs, too. You'd be surprised what he finds out and reports in the daily segment. It's the best (but mostly the worst) of celebrity antics!

Monday, October 15


Tuesday, October 16

New info about Ariana Grande's split from Pete Davidson


Kanye West visits another president


The latest about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's royal baby

Wednesday, Oct. 17

T.I. takes heat for featuring Melania Trump as stripper in new video


Kanye West gives out shoes in Uganda


Donald Trump takes on Stormy Daniels in Twitter insult war


New info about Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson's split

Thursday, October 18

Melania Trump's plane makes emergency landing shortly after take-off


Taylor Swift encourages people to vote early


Ariana Grande finds temporary fix for Pete Davidson tattoo


Tara Reid comments about being kicked off plane, Delta also chimes in

Friday, October 19

Kendall Jenner's stalker once again gets a little too close for comfort


Harvey Weinstein case could be in jeopardy because of police conduct: report


Roseanne's TV kid is sick of talking about Roseanne drama

Weekend of Oct. 20

Piers Morgan takes on Daniel Craig's parenting... and loses hard on social media


Chris Pratt, Anna Faris finalize divorce

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