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Who is Kim Kardashian marrying next? Who was arrested for DUI? Who is in rehab now? Look no further! Jeremy Bradley has the answers. Constantly watching the entertainment world, JB is always digging up the dirt on today's hottest stars. But what about the ones who've disappeared for a while? Don't worry... JB is tracking those celebs, too. You'd be surprised what he finds out and reports in the daily segment. It's the best (but mostly the worst) of celebrity antics!

Monday, February 19

Jeremy Bradley live tweets The Bachelor tonight - @jeremydbradley

Tuesday, February 20

Fergie comments about sexy version of national anthem


Donald Trump calls Oprah 'insecure', challenges her to presidential run


Stan Lee calls cops after man won't leave his property


Lisa Marie Presley owes 10s of millions, says she's practically broke

Wednesday, Feb. 21

Blac Chyna, ex both blindsided by release of sex tape: source


Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez attend Bieber's dad's wedding


Andy Dick's gal pal gets restraining order against him

Thursday, February 22

Mark Cuban addresses report Mavericks office is terrible place for women to work


Wendy Williams cancels talk show for 3 weeks on doctor's orders


Justin Bieber will soon have baby sister

Friday, February 23

Leading Hollywood females once again slam Harvey Weinstein


Steve Wilkos crashed his car because he was drunk, arrested for DUI


An update to the legal battle between Kathy Griffin and her neighbor

Weekend of Feb. 24

Chevy Chase involved in road rage incident


NRA uses Parks and Recreation image in tweet, faces major backlash

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