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Who is Kim Kardashian marrying next? Who was arrested for DUI? Who is in rehab now? Look no further! Jeremy Bradley has the answers. Constantly watching the entertainment world, JB is always digging up the dirt on today's hottest stars. But what about the ones who've disappeared for a while? Don't worry... JB is tracking those celebs, too. You'd be surprised what he finds out and reports in the daily segment. It's the best (but mostly the worst) of celebrity antics!

Monday, June 10


Tuesday, June 11

Carrie Underwood falls off concert stage


George Lopez storms off stage during comedy gig


Madonna lawsuit about concert start times will go ahead

Wednesday, June 12

Gayle King: Oprah was crapping, puking, hospitalized


Meghan McCain says The View can't quit her while talking about The View again


Meghan McCain says Jennifer Lopez is a terrible person


Billy Ray Cyrus splits from latest wife

Thursday, June 13

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck avoid each other at his kid's graduation


Kevin Jonas has surgery for cancerous mole


John Leguizamo wants Emmy noms to be less white

Friday, June 14

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck hung out after his son's grad, ignored each other during it


Tony Bennett's kids fighting over his fortune


Andy Cohen chimes in on 'cancel culture'

Weekend of June 15

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